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Whether you're good enough to join PCB or not doesn't mean you shouldn't register. I'll give you member status so you can see the member forum. But only actual PCB's will be posted in there so you can see the few guys who I think are actual face smashing noob rolling elite baddie crunchers.

You don't have to do shit on this site as far as applications or mandatory anything. Just hit up the forum's post your guides, ss's, laugh about who we owned let us know if there's some scrubs who want a scrimmage or talk shit/bullshit on the forums. All this site does is make the clan official. An easier way to bring together good players. I'll give access to your friends I don't give a fuck, but if they're bad I'm not playing with them, that's all this is. Best players we can find, to always game with non-scrubs. If you're good you won't need "strategies" and w/e in this game. Timing and knowing your toon, kill orders etc. I'm not here to teach beginners, i'm here to play with mother fuckers as good as I am and not some random pub 12 year old.


What's up fags this is Omnishred aka `Vice. You're either here because you want to be part of the ownage, you've been owned, or you are already rolling with the top players (fuck the ranking system your premade vs. mine any day of the fucking week) in League of Legends AKA The Pwn Cake Bakers.

Talking shit is a must in this clan, you can't be a pussy, you can't get butt hurt over small things. Remember it's just a game. However, we're fucking gamers so we take this shit SRSLY! Anyways, try not to nerd rage, try to make the other team rage quit and QQ. Those are the only requirements.

I'm going to open up a "Guides" section in the forums be sure to post shit there. We don't need fucking Kayle's background and how Warwick used to be a human and Soraka's the princess of the universe or whatever. Or there gay fucking abilities. You're obviously not in this clan if you're a horribaddie. So just put in builds/runes/masteries that have worked out for you. And include whether you solo 2v1, mid lane, regular, or jungling works best.

Naturally we're going to have a hot spot for shit talking and bragging rights, make sure to let the noobs you've pwn'd know that they can come to our site and look at screen shots of them getting pinta killed by Soraka. So I'll set up a spot for you guys to post your SS's.

We love talking about how we owned noobs, so give us your "VIP kill of the game". A few examples were when I was playing Warwick with exhaust, ran up and ult'd a Karthus on top and exhausted him then just running down to kill the stone golem's as I saw Iron Maidenn's Kassadin zinging up the map with rift walk to pop in on Karthus for a free double stacks to his Mejai's. Another was Wallbanger's Sion with my Udyr, stunned up a Shen trying to dash through bottom's wall to where the dragon was at to escape, however as soon as my bear form stun wore off, Sion hit him with his stun, which was enough time for my stun to come back up. For a 4 second stun lock. Pwnt. Needless to say he cried with a "omg wtf I was stunned for like 10 fucking seconds" to which we replied "1v1 own'd"
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Hit up Omnishred for your tryout. You get one game to prove yourself to become a Baker and cook up some fresh tasty pwn cakes to serve up to baddies. I'll say if you can't pay attention to the map cause most the time we don't even bother to call an mia. If you're fag ass leaves his lane to come ga
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